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Box News

  • 07OCT

    Classes Cancelled

    Hey, CFBL Family! As you know, we’ve been looking for a better space! We are actively moving our equipment out, and will hopefully be in our new space in the next couple of weeks!! Due to the recent unexpected changes, we will have to start moving our equipment immediately. We will temporarily be box-less, but

Daily WOD

  • 19OCT


    If you access to gear Warm up 5min JOG/Run 2 min per station Mountain climbers Burpees Broad jumps 3 rounds Strength / Skill Bar work Back squats 5×5 @ 75% of 1rm Gymnastics HS holds @:30 rest 1 min x 5 *concentrate on active shoulders Max HS walk Conditioning No gear? No problem Run for

  • 15OCT
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    Workout of the day

    Warm up 8 sets 500m sprint on rower or 200m run x 4 rest 90 seconds between sets. Do 10 min mobility S/S 5rm OHS 3rm FS Don’t forget to include drop % 20 min cap Conditioning 3 PC 95/135# 5 BOBs 7 TTB 7 rounds AFAP Rest 2:00 minutes between rounds *scored by slowest